Classical_approaches_to_provide_hygiene_of_surfaces_Dr_J├╝rgen_Gebel_AutoProtect_Webinar#1_2021-04-22.pdf (5 MB)

Classical approaches to provide hygiene of surfaces
Dr. Jürgen Gebel, VAH e.V., DGKH e.V., IHPH, Uni Bonn (Germany)

Impact of surface hygiene_Prof_Walter_Popp_AutoProtect_Webinar#1_2021-04-22.pdf (1 MB)

Impact of surface hygiene on transmission of infections
Prof. Dr. Walter Popp, DGKH e.V., HyKoMed GmbH (Germany)

MSS_Coatings_solving_many_problems_Dr_Markus_Wehrl_AutoProtect_Webinar#1_2021-04-22.pdf (3 MB)

Project AutoProtect: Multi-Stimulus-System Coatings – solving many problems with one coating
Dr. Markus Wehrl, DGKH e.V, wfk – Cleaning Techn. Inst. e.V., (Germany)


Regulatory_Requirements_for_antimicrobial_Surfaces_Peter_Askew_AutoProtect_Webinar#2_2021-05-20.pdf (1 MB)

Regulatory requirements for antimicrobial surfaces
Pete Askew - Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd. (IMSL) (United Kingdom)

Presentation_sol-gel_coatings_Dr_Weintz_AutoProtect_Webinar#2_2021-05-20.pdf (8 MB)

A sol-gel-Coating for permanently antimicrobial surfaces
Dr. Hans-Joachim Weintz - Netwerk Oberfläche NRW (Germany)

Plasmatreat_Presentation_Dr_Ben_Salem_AutoProtect_Webinar#2_2021-05-20.pdf (4 MB)

Plasma-based antimicrobial coatings
Dr. Ben Dhia Salem - Plasmatreat GmbH. (Germany)


Dynamic-Coatings_Prof_Dr_Schenning_AutoProtect_Webinar#3_2021-06-16.pdf (3 MB)

Dynamic Coatings 
Dr. Albert Schenning - TU/e - Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Stout_PhD_Zuyd Hogeschool+Mentink_PhD_CHILL_AutoProtect_Webinar#3_2021-06-16.pdf (3 MB)

Taking dynamic coatings to the next level; challenges and obstacles
Katleen Stout, PhD. - Zuyd Hogeschool (The Netherlands)
Cyriel Mentink, PhD. - CHILL (The Netherlands)

R_Beckers_Verometal_AutoProtect_Webinar#3_2021-06-16.pdf (1 MB)

MSS-Coatings: Applications and Features
Robert Beckers - VeroMetal (The Netherlands)


Plasma-based_Disinfection_AutoProtect_23-09-2021.pdf (4 MB)

Plasma-based disinfection
Prof. Thomas Schmitt-John, Plasmatreat GmbH - Steinhagen (Germany)

Joachim_Meessen_Deep_into_the_Coating_Presentation_AutoProtect_23-09-2021.pdf (2 MB)

Deep into the Coating: Novel features of MSS-Coatings
Dr. Joachim Meeßen, Dr. Markus Wehrl, wfk - Krefeld (Germany)

Guus_Ploeger_Militex_Presentation_AutoProtect_23-09-2021.pdf (2 MB)

Cleaning and Disinfection – Marriage for life
Guus Ploeger, Militex - IJmuiden (Netherlands)


How_clean_is_clean_and_can_we_achieve_total_cleanliness_Cees_v_Duin_Presentation_AutoProtect_2021-11-18.pdf (1 MB)

How clean is clean and can we achieve total cleanliness
Cees van Duijn, Omneo Systems B.V. (The Netherlands)

Test_methods_for_antimicrobial_surfaces_Dr_Markus_Wehrl_Presentation_AutoProtect_2021-11-18 (3 MB)

Test methods for antimicrobial surfaces
Dr. Markus Wehrl, Dr. Joachim Meeßen - wfk – Cleaning Technology Institute e.V. (Germany)

Quantitative_Detection_of_Residuals_on_Surfaces_Ludger_Schnieder_Presentation_Autoprotect_2021-11-18 (3 MB)

Quantitative Detection of Residuals on Surfaces
Ludger Schnieder, SMP GmbH (Germany)


AutoProtect_Webinar#6_final_wrap-up_Handout.pdf (11 MB)

Download the final presentation of AutoProtect (pdf, 11MB)